Johann Sebastian Bach: Christmas Oratorio

with the Paris Choral Society Camerata
December 2016: Friday, December 2 & Saturday, December 3


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Rejoice, exult!

No less than 100 choir singers, four soloists and 20 orchestral musicians will perform in this concert, bringing out the impetuous joy that is present throughout the Christmas Oratorio.

Of the six cantatas that make up the Oratorio, performed successively between Christmas 1734 and Epiphany 1735 in Leipzig, the Paris Choral Society has selected the first three and the last, which form a unified harmonic sound set around the triumphant key of D major. Largely inspired by Bach cantatas composed in honor of the royal family of Saxony, the music of the Christmas Oratorio unfolds with the bright sound of trumpets, timpani and a rich and festive orchestral palette. The PCS will be accompanied by the Paris Choral Society Camerata on baroque instruments, delivering the Oratorio’s exalted vision of praise to the “King of kings.”

The singers of the Paris Choral Society will be transformed into a constellation of side by side quartets for this concert, magnifying the scale of harmony and richness of the counterpoint. It will be like a multi-sound kaleidoscope for the listener, bringing out in every part of the room, “an overabundance of strength, excessive expansion, something ordinary, that one experiences and that leads you along” — all characteristics of Bach’s masterpiece, according to his famous biographer, André Pirro.

Conductor: Zachary Ullery

Amelia Berridge (soprano)
Louise Callinan (alto)
Matthieu Justine (tenor)
Rene Ramos Premier (bass)

Giving a festive start to our 2016-2017 season, the Paris Choral Society performed J.S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio.

We were joined by professional soloists and the accomplished musicians of the PCS Camerata, playing on period instruments.

This concert was a selection of the jubilatory Christmas Oratorio: parts I, II, III and VI.

Cathedral Americain de Paris
The American Cathedral in Paris
23, avenue George V, 75008 Paris
01 53 23 84 00