PCS: The Next 30 Years

PCS celebrates 30 years: help us lift hearts and voices for the next 30!


Join us as we mark a milestone in the journey of the Paris Choral Society: as we commemorate our 30th anniversary, we invite you to be part of driving the choir forwards. We are a highly international group of amateur choristers performing professional quality choral music old and new in the centre of Paris. we want to ensure we can continue to do so into our next 30 years.

Our Legacy, Your Support: Our choir has flourished over the years, thanks to the unwavering support of our community. As we look ahead, we aim to ensure that future generations can experience the joy and beauty of choral music. As we enter into a challenging few years, your generous contribution will provide the security and stability we need to continue lifting hearts and voices. Over the course of our 30th season we would like you to help us raise €30,000.

Your donation will enable us to:

♫ Preserve and expand our repertoire and take it to new venues while the American Cathedral in Paris is unavailable.

♫ Maintain and upgrade our equipment, providing more flexible staging for concerts.

♫ Provide opportunities for aspiring choristers through scholarships and outreach programs.

A capella — €100 (costs €34 for an individual*)
Cantata — €500 (costs €170 for an individual*)
Oratorio — €1000 (costs €340 for an individual*)
Magnum Opus — €2000 (costs €680 for an individual*)

* After tax reduction


♫ Name on 30th anniversary webpage and in three seasons’ programmes at the donational level.
♫ Invitation to special 30th anniversary sponsors party.

Donating to the Paris Choral Society entitles you to a French tax reduction under Articles 200 and 238 bis of the general tax code.

For individuals: You can benefit from a tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount of your donation, up to 20% of your taxable income. If you are liable for Real Estate Wealth Tax (IFI), you benefit from a reduction in your IFI equal to 75% of the amount of your donation, up to a limit of €50,000. Please note that the fraction of a donation which gave rise to a reduction in IFI cannot entitle you, at the same time, to a reduction in income tax. When the donation is eligible for both systems, the donor can choose one or the other or decide to split the donation.

For companies: All payments to Paris Choral Society allow you to benefit from a corporate tax reduction of 60% of the amount of these payments, capped at €20,000 or 5‰ (5 per thousand) of annual turnover before tax. If the ceiling is exceeded, the excess can be carried over to the following 5 financial years.

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