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The PCS relies on different sources of income (membership fees, concert ticket sales) and, crucially, individual sponsorships and donations. Those of you who have attended recent PCS Annual General Meetings will know that it is not possible to maintain our high-quality musical performances and maintain a balanced annual budget by relying on the revenue from membership dues and tickets sales only. So, your Board would like to encourage every PCS member to consider whether some form of sponsorship or donation might be possible.

You can find out more about donating to or sponsoring PCS on the following pages:

PCS: The Next 30 Years



Donations and Sponsorship



Many thanks to everyone who is able to participate. Your financial contributions will enable us to hire fine professional soloists and orchestras and continue to deliver great performances of the highest quality, of choral works from a wide-ranging repertoire, blending choral masterpieces with lesser-known works. Amid all the geopolitical and climate anxieties, our musical family is a source of fellowship, serenity, and beauty under the inspired direction of Maestro Zachary Ullery.

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