The New York Times, noting the PCS’s “unpaid but professional-level” qualities, underscored the bilingual and bicultural spirit of the PCS. Over a dozen different nationalities are represented in the PCS membership, with the largest percentages being American and French.

Rehearsals are conducted in English, the best means of communication in light of the varied backgrounds of the members. Coming from differing backgrounds, professions and walks of life, the PCS membership is united by its commitment to the common goal of musical excellence. Its members are young and old; locals, longtime expats and those passing through Paris for a few years; people who have been singing all their lives and others relatively new to it. “Le Monde de la Musique” praised the conductor’s gift for “drawing the best from his singers without ever losing his smile” and points out that being a PCS member not only means working hard at rehearsals, but also “doing everything, from setting up and taking down the risers to the administration.”

A working Board of Directors of thirteen volunteer members, in conjunction with the conductor, is responsible for the management of PCS.