In Memoriam: in memory of World War I

Nov/ Dec 2018: Friday 30 Nov at 8.00pm & Saturday 1 Dec at 7.00pm


This concert is dedicated to the 100thanniversary of World War 1. We will be singing the following pieces:

Mozart Requiem  (ed. R. Levin)
Jehan Alain Requiem
Mauersberger Wie liegt die Stadt so wüst
Vaughan Williams Toward the Unknown Region


** If you are planning to come on Saturday, please make sure to plan a bit of extra time to arrive here as some demonstrations are planned in Paris that day and could potentially close down some metro stations and some areas to traffic. Consider checking the RATP website ( before heading out to the concert.

As of today, November 30, this is the information we are aware of:

·         Metro stations line 1 around Champs Elysées will be closed :  George V,  Etoile, Champs Elysées Clémenceau, Miromesnil…. connections will be working

·         To access the Cathedral, recommendation is to use the following metros stations : Alma Marceau, Iéna

·         If coming by car, Champs Elysées are closed, access to av George V will not be possible from Champs Elysées and there will probably be traffic problems in av. George V and streets around.

·         Access from Rive Gauche should be better

·         If anyone walking wants to cross the Champs Elysées, there will be identity checking.

Cathedral Americain de Paris
The American Cathedral in Paris
23, avenue George V, 75008 Paris
01 53 23 84 00